April 28, 1996

The Truth About Cats and Dogs

At the time, Jeaneane Garofalo was one of my favorite comedians, and Uma Thurman will always be the sexiest woman on Earth.

April 21, 1996

Mystery Science Theater 3000: The Movie

mysteryA regular episode of the MST3K T.V. show is 2 hours long, including commercials. Without the commercials, I suspect an episode is probably about 80-90 minutes long? The big-screen MST3K Movie is only 74 minutes. According to the IMDb, "The TV show's usual density of gags was reduced for theatrical audiences, so that a larger number of people laughing wouldn't cause too much dialogue to be missed." To sum up, I found the whole experience disappointing. (April 21 at the Kendall Square Cinema, and again June 26 at the Maine Mall Cinema)

April 20, 1996

Mix #37: The Mistie Trip Mix

"Especially for the trip to Boston to see Mystery Science Theater 3000: The Movie."