February 26, 1996

Muppets Treasure Island

Pretty funny Muppet movie, with Tim Curry as Long John Silver. (Maine Mall Cinema)

February 23, 1996

Mary Reilly

The Mr. Hyde story, as told from the perspective of Dr. Jeckyll's sallow-faced, timid, mousy Cockney maid Mary, apocalyptically miscast in the person of Julia Roberts. Besides Roberts trying her best to play against type, all I remember about this movie is the climactic CGI transformation, where Hyde bulges and grows out of Jeckyll's back like an Alien chestburster. (Maine Mall Cinema)

February 11, 1996

Beautiful Girls

I hardly remember this movie. (Maine Mall Cinema)
Terrible Photoshop!

February 9, 1996

Mix #36: Guys And Dolls

"a work in progress..."
"recorded February 9th - 21st, 1996"
Side A was all bands with guys singing, Side B was all ladies. 90 minutes

February 4, 1996

Dead Man Walking

deadmanYour stance on capital punishment is beside the point. If you must, just ignore the politics and enjoy the performances.

February 2, 1996

Mr. Holland's Opus

mrhollandExcellent movie about a schoolteacher's life, about a parent's life, and about music too. (Maine Mall Cinema)