August 22, 1995

A Walk In The Clouds

Keanu Reeves is so bad in so many movies! This "love amongst the grapevines" movie feels like a transplant from the 1940s.

August 21, 1995

The Usual Suspects

This film blew me away. Like everyone else, Director Bryan Singer and screenwriter Christopher McQuarrie carefully structured Verbal Kint's story, to make everyone think "Dean Keaton is Keyser Soze but Kint doesn't know it", so the audience thinks they've sussed out the "twist" ending, but wow! I remember walking down the stairs from the balcony at Church Street, feeling like a trapdoor had been opened under my feet, thinking "wow. wow. wow." (August 21st and September 15th, 1995)

Update: I watched The Usual Suspects again in 2014, and while it's still great, I noticed some very 1990s touches, including the excessive Tarantino-style swearing - I know they're criminals, but the cursing becomes grating - and the moment at the very beginning when Keyser Soze is about to shoot Dean Keaton...he turns his gun sideways! Holding your Glock sideways was SO COOL in 1995, but now it's a joke. Having the supreme mysterious badass hold his gun sideways is now hilarious, I almost laughed out loud.

August 16, 1995

Hugo Weaving: Typecast as a Xenophobe?

Has anyone else noticed that Australian actor Hugo Weaving's three most well-known parts are non-humans who do not tolerate other species?
  • In Babe and it's sequel, Babe: A Pig In The City, Weaving voices a sheepdog who refuses to accept a pig as a sheep herder, and believes strongly that each species has its role in the world and should not try and be something else.
  • In The Matrix and its two sequels, Weaving plays a computer program who hates all humanity and looks forward to destroying all humans not living in slavery.
  • In three The Lord of the Rings films, Weaving plays the elf leader Elrond who believes "men are weak" and (fairly) blames a Man (Ilsidur) for not destroying the One True Ring when he had a chance.


Wonderful. Costarring Hugo Weaving as the alpha sheepdog Rex