September 29, 1993

Blade Runner: Director's Cut

This is on my Top Ten list, All-Time Favorite Movies. I saw it many times recorded off television on VHS tape (with the voice-over and different ending, aka the unrated international cut) before I first saw it like this. I saw the Director's Cut on laserdisc around the same time I saw it here, but I'm not 100% sure of that.
(September 27 and 29, 1993, Nickelodeon theater, Comm. Ave, Boston)

September 19, 1993

The Age Of Innocence

It's amazing the Daniel Day-Lewis in this movie is the same man who played Bill The Butcher in Scorsese's Gangs Of New York! This pristine film demonstrates that Scorsese can focus his precise yet lyrical filmmaking style on a different class of society.
(Nickelodeon theater, Comm. Ave, Boston)

September 10, 1993

True Romance

Who else but screenwriter Quentin Tarantino would make his protagonist a comic book shop clerk -slash- kung fu movie geek who has wild sex with a beautiful call girl? Talk about wish fulfillment. Then again, QT eventually lived the fantasy and romanced super-hot-yet-brainy Mira Sorvino for a couple years.
ALSO by Gary Oldman on STUB HUBBY:

September 1, 1993

Manhattan Murder Mystery

I found it very funny that Diane Keaton's character would yelp or scream every time she was scared or startled-- and the volume and duration of the scream varied depending on the seriousness of the scare. The handheld camera made me queasy. I think I saw this in the single-screen theater that used to be on Boylston Street in Boston, across from the Prudential building?