October 1, 1991

Sex Drugs Rock & Roll

This blog is pretty comprehensive.
When they started printing the names of the movies, the showtimes, etc, on the ticket stubs, I started keeping all my stubs.
I literally kept them in a matchbox at first.
This must have been around 1987-88, and I bet I have only misplaced or forgotten a tiny fraction of all the stubs? Collecting and not losing these little slips of paper dovetails perfectly with my compulsive nature.
When I migrated the box full of stubs (and later a scrapbook full of stubs) onto the Internet, I was able to catch almost all of the movies I saw in the theater since the late 1980s. And of the fraction of movies that I may have missed, I left them out because I can't remember if I saw the movie in the theater or on VHS.
Then there is Sex Drugs Rock & Roll.
I know for sure I saw this movie at the Church St Harvard Square movie theater, I have a very distinct memory of it- but I somehow created and maintained this blog for a decade before I unearthed this memory:
Eric Bogosian is a guest on the Marc Maron WTF podcast this week (December 2015) and somehow seeing his photo with Maron popped three factoids into my front brain:
  1. Oh! I saw that one-man show/movie Sex Drugs Rock & Roll at the Church St Harvard Square theater when I was a freshman in college!
  2. And then I bought the book/script, probably at the Harvard Coop!
  3. And I never put this movie into my blog either!
I remember a couple of the characters/monologues from the one-man show pretty well. Some of the references went over my head, and since I don't do drugs I mostly appreciated the sex and rock & roll parts. NOTE: I don't know what date I saw this movie. According to IMDb it was released September 6, 1991, so I dated this post October 1.


Denzel Washington is Nick Styles, a LAPD cop-turned assistant district attorney. Back in his uniformed LAPD days, he captured master criminal Earl Talbot Blake (John Lithgow) in a dramatic televised arrest. Seven years later, Blake escapes from prison, hot for revenge. Blake's plan involves, if memory serves, abducting Styles, drugging him, and videotaping a sexual encounter between Styles and a hooker, in the bottom of a drained swimming pool, then releasing it to the media.
NOTE: I don't remember the movie this well. I looked up all the details of this movie on the internet. All I remember for sure is the revenge via videotaped sex in the bottom of the drained swimming pool.
This was the first in John Lithgow's Evil Antagonist Trilogy (Ricochet, Raising Cain, and Cliffhanger). Directed by Australian hack Russell Mulcahy (Highlander 1 and 2), who also directed videos for Elton John, Billy Joel, Duran Duran, The Tubes, The Human League, The Buggles, Queen, AC/DC, Bonnie Tyler, and Culture Club.